Reduce downtime and maintenance requirements with ROXDUR wear products. ROXDUR is a wear plate product that utilises the latest technology to provide a long lasting and durable wear solution suitable for heavy duty and medium duty applications. ROXDUR products can significantly increase the life of your fixed plant equipment. Our innovative manufacturing processes ensure a superior wear product that will save you time and money in the long run. ROXDUR wear plates are designed with the highest quality and years of expertise. Our pre-designed products can also be customised to fit your requirements.

State of the art technology

ROXDUR uses a unique composite material* that combines extreme hardness to minimise abrasive wear and iron matrix technology to absorb impact. The metallurgical bond between the cemented carbide and iron matrix gives a composite material with very high-quality adhesion to the cemented carbide. *patent pending


Material Characteristics

  • Combining extreme hardness with shock resistance
  • Highly technological material developed to meet the various demands of mining environments
  • Wear material that is suitable in heavy duty applications with impact and large lump sizes as well as in medium and light duty applications.

  • High quality metallurgical bond between the cemented carbide and the casting matrix
  • Multiple layers of high density carbide granules that maximise the wear life
  • Due to the casting technique, various  geometries can be produced
  • ROXDUR is a problem solver, the long wear life enables less maintenance, increased productivity and lower production cost
  • First time customers who invest in a ROXDUR installation can be supported with a performance guarantee
  • GURTEC offers a range of services to optimize the conveyor system depending on the conditions for each specific application

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