Formed Rollers (HM140/150)

Formed Rollers (HM140/150)

GURTEC’s Heavy Mining Idler Roller is setting a new standard for high speed mass transportation and life cycle costs.

Our highly automated manufacturing line utilises a flow forming process for extremely round tubes and an end forming process to round shell edges and integrate concentric bearing houses to the roller shell body, avoiding the need for welding.

  • Innovative design and specialised end forming and flow forming manufacturing process delivers a shell of exceptional roundness and hardness for improved service life.
  • Developed specifically for mining and other demanding applications with high loads and belt speeds – operating up to 11 m/s and 52,000 tonnes per hour
  • Formed rollers do not require machining and balancing
  • Available as carry, impact and return rollers as well as garlands

Our Products

HM140 | End formed rollers

HM140 | End formed rollers

A roller with a solid shaft as standard, hollow shaft as option Bearing seats formed as an integral part of the shell, the opposing bearings are therefore accurately aligned The formed bearing holders improve bearing performance leading to lower failure rates Dimensions: Roller diameters 152 – 219 mm (6” to 8-5/8”) Shaft diameters up to 62 mm (2-1/2”) Bearings 6306, 6308, 6310, 6312
HM150 | Flow and end formed rollers

HM150 | Flow and end formed rollers

A flow formed roller shell and hollow formed shaft Option for an increased wall thickness at the middle of the shell for reduced shell deformation and increased fatigue life Extremely low TIR with a accurate and constant shell thickness significantly reduces vibration and increases service life Dimensions: Roller diameters 159 – 219 mm (6-1/4” to 8-5/8”) Shaft diameters up to 82 mm (3-1/4”) Bearings 6308, 6310, 6312

HM150 Features

1 | Flow-formed roller tube

Excellent balancing quality (<G16 according to ISO 1940) and concentricity <0.3. Due to the tube forming process, there is no need for dynamic balancing and machining. This allows high belt speeds and increased capacity while decreasing noise emission. The solidifi ed surface of the roller shell leads to reduced wearing of the tube.

2 | Multi-channel labyrinth seal from own production

effectively keeps dirt, dust and moisture away from the bearing – increases bearing life.

3 | Integrated bearing seats by end-forming

The tube ends are formed into bearing housings. This means that no separate bearing housings and welding are needed. Belt friendly – no sharp edges.

4 | Cold-forged high-precision hollow shaft

instead of a solid steel shaft, which reduces weight and cost while also giving less deflection.