Automated on-line Conveyor Belt Monitoring and Control System


Advantages of HX270

Proven system

  • Successfully in operation since around 10 years, mainly in heavy duty ore application in Scandinavia

Both surfaces of the belt can be continuously monitored

  • Enables conveyor immediate stop when critical failure exists.
  • Surface faults are detected early enough for preventive maintenance planning.

All belt damage types can be detected

  • All significant belt damages in all belt types can be detected from the 3D shape of the belt surfaces

Non contact optical 3D measurement

  • Wide range of textile and steel cord belt types can be monitored.
  • No vulcanized wires, sensors or modifications to the belt are needed.
  • Immune to color and texture changes of the belt surface.

Automatic system

  • Operator use it only when something happens to your belt, no permanent attention needed.
  • Automatic drive of selected damages to maintenance station for inspection and repair .

Abrasion measurement and belt misalignment measurement optional

Other belt monitoring system integration possible (i.e. steel cord scanning)

CE certified, laser class 3B

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